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favicon.ico - Adding a custom bookmark icon

Bookmarks Icons

You can have a custom icon added to the Bookmark entry of your page when people add it to their list of bookmarks. This won't work on all browsers but will work with the most popular ones. It works with most modern browsers such as Internet Explorer 5+ and FireFox. If you do then try bookmarking this page, you should see an icon next to the title as shown below.

Favorites Menu

Creating the favicon.ico

To do this all you have to do is place a 16x16 pixel icon called favicon.ico into the root of your HTML directory on your web server - no HTML code is needed.

A icon file is simply an image saved in the icon file format (with a .ico extension). You can create your image in MS Paint, Paint Shop Pro, or any similar paint program. If you use a paint program which can't directly save the image in the icon file format (such as MS Paint), you can save it as a bitmap (.bmp) and convert it using one of the many online tools such as this favicon tool.

favicon.ico is the default name for the icon. If you want one of your web pages to use a different icon you can add this HTML in the <head> section of your page.

<link rel="shortcut icon" href=""/>

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