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Welcome to the Advanced HTML site, where you can find information on all sorts of website building topics and other issues related to creating and maintaining your web site.


HTML Topics

  • Advanced HTML - A mixture of Advanced HTML tips including Style Sheets, Marquees, Floating Frames etc.
  • Tables - Examples of most possible table commands and configurations.
  • HTML Colours - A table of the 216 browser safe colours.
  • Password Protecting Pages - How to password protect areas of your website using .htaccess & .htpasswd files.
  • How to use .htaccess Files - describes how to do 301 redirects, create custom error pages and how to make sure that your website URLs are consistent.
  • Webspace and domain names - how to buy webspace and domain names for your website.
  • Making Money from your website - describes some of the common ways of making money from your website including AdSense and Amazon referrals.
  • FAQ - Miscellaneous HTML information and solutions.

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