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This site may be called the Advanced HTML site, but I have decided to include a small page with examples of simple HTML tags. The tags are grouped into related sections.

Alligning Text

<p align="left">Text to the left</p>
<p align="center">Text in the middle</p>
<center>Text in the middle 2</center>
<p align="right">Text to the right</p>

Text to the left

Text in the middle

Text in the middle 2

Text to the right



<img src="bee.gif" alt="Bee" width="173" height="107">
Here is a bumble bee inserted with above code.




<h1>Big H1 Heading</h1>
<h2>Big H2 Heading</h2>
<h3>Medium H3 Heading</h3>
The above code produces the below results.

Big H1 Heading

Big H2 Heading

Medium H3 Heading


Line Breaks

<p>Here is a paragraph</p>
<p>And another one</p>
Here is a line of<br>text with a break in the middle
Here is a paragraph

And another one

Here is a line of
text with a break in the middle



The unordered list is a list without numbers.
	<li>Unordered list - item 1</li>
	<li>Unordered list - item 2</li>
	<li>Unordered list - item 3</li>
  • Unordered list - item 1
  • Unordered list - item 2
  • Unordered list - item 3
The ordered list automatically puts a number at the start of each item.
	<li>Ordered list - item 1</li>
	<li>Ordered list - item 2</li>
	<li>Ordered list - item 3</li>
  1. Ordered list - item 1
  2. Ordered list - item 2
  3. Ordered list - item 3

Horizontal Rules


<HR WIDTH="60%">


You can produce a variety of horizontal rules very easily.



Internal link example
Link to my <A HREF="index.html">HTML Site</A> main page.
Link to my HTML Site main page.

External link example
Link to external <A HREF="">Trading Diary</A> web site.
Link to external Trading Diary web site.

You may want to set a target for your links to set which window the links open in.

Target Example What it does
_top <A HREF="index.html" TARGET="_top">HTML Site</A> The window fills the current browser. Gets rid of any frames.
_blank <A HREF="index.html" TARGET="_blank">HTML Site</A> Opens the page in a new browser.
_parent <A HREF="index.html" TARGET="_parent">HTML Site</A> Opens the page in the parent frame.
_self <A HREF="index.html" TARGET="_self">HTML Site</A> Opens the page in the parent frame.

Adding tool tips to links

You can easily add a tool tip to any link by using the 'title' attribute. When you hover over the link you will see the description that you specify. e.g.

<A HREF="webspace.htm" title="Guide to buying webspace and domain names">Webspace Guide</A>

Webspace Guide

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