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Here is a list of some commonly used HTML words. This is not an exhaustive list, so if you have any suggestions for new terms, please to to the Contact Us page.


  • BR - Line break
  • CENTER - Used to center data
  • FONT - Tag used to specify font information
  • HEAD - Part of the document that is used to store information that is not seen by the user. The head may contain JavaScript, style sheet and META data.
  • HR - Horizontal rule
  • LI - List
  • P - Paragraph
  • TABLE - Tables are used to format information into rows and columns. They are also used to provide complex page layouts.
  • TD - Table data, this tag allows the table rows to be split into columns.
  • TR - Table row

HTML Terms

  • Apache - Web server software which is used to host a huge number of web sites.
  • Cache - An area of memory, or disk that is used to store information that has already been accesed. In the case of internet caches, they store internet files that have already been requested, so that they will load quicker the next time the file is requested.
  • CGI - Common Gateway Interface, this allows web pages to communicate with executable code that is stored on a web server. The code is usually written in Perl or C.
  • Image Map - An image that responds differently depending on where on the image you click.
  • Java - Programming language from Sun, that can be used to write platform independent applications. Java Applets are a specialised form of Java program which can be embeded into a web page.
  • JavaScript - Programming language whose code can be included in a HTML document, and can be used to make a page more interactive.
  • Linux - A free operating system, based on UNIX. Many web sites are hosted on servers running Linux.
  • MySQL - A free database server which can be used to provide easily updatable content for web based applications.
  • Perl - Programming language that is often used for internet applications, such as forms and search engines.
  • PHP - Programming language that can be embeded into HTML pages, and is executed when the page is requested.
  • Style Sheet - File or section of code that allows the centralised storing of all, or part of a web site's layout information.
  • UNIX - Operating system that many of the worlds web sites are hosted on.
  • Windows NT - Operating system from Microsoft which is hosting an increasing number of web sites.

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